Quartz - the human-made stone that conjures up vivid imagery of unctuous green tiles and cloying pastels. This stigma has long been attached to this engineered product, after all, why create something that already exists as a natural resource in our earth? Why then, is the rapid incorporation of quartz becoming an emerging trend that is sweeping our industry. Where granite was king, man-made stone is quickly gaining headway in the race for dominance in the hospitality industry.

To understand the significance of this amalgamation of natural and human ingenuity we must first understand, like anything, its origin. Engineered stones were invented in the 1980s, this process created a product that enabled us to combine crushed stone and polymer resin to create an affordable and fully customizable option that gave builders the freedom to create, sans the limitations of naturally occurring stone. Those are the commonly known facts. In reality, the cannon of artificial stone stretches all the way back to the 1700s and has been perfected throughout the centuries. It is no wonder that a product such as this, so widely produced since the 80's, is now taking such a firm hold in our industry.

  What This Means for Us

With the recent and significant drop in the cost of quartz, this material can now be fabricated onto your case goods at minimal cost, while allowing you to control the color, pattern, and even the texture of the stone that is created. When we talk about surface materials after all, one only has certain options; High Pressure Laminate and Wood Veneer, although durable, does not have the longevity, particularly on high use surfaces, that Quartz has. Glass, another popular option, can result in unsightly fingerprints on the surfaces of your custom made case goods. The luxury of naturally occurring stone is eliminated for hospitality projects on a strict budget due to higher prices and lack of customization. Quartz gives us the chance to increase the lifespan of our furniture for a nominal amount of money.

Cost productivity; defining the landscape of Custom Case goods.