Drapery FAQ

Q.  What is a PAIR of draperies?  What is a PANEL of draperies?
A.  A PAIR of draperies has an opening in the middle.  A PANEL of draperies opens from one side to the other (left to right to left).

Q.  What is the difference between a SUPERFINE ROD and an ARCHITRAC ROD?
A.  The SUPERFINE ROD is a string draw rod that telescopes to fit within a range of sizes.  An ARCHITRAC ROD is a baton draw rod that is cut to measure for that specific window.

Q.  When do I use Stiffeners and Grommets?
A.  When you use an Architrac Rod, we need to sew a plastic stiffener with a brass grommet in the corner of the drapery (one on a panel, two on a pair) so that the baton can be attached directly to the Master Carrier. 

Q.  What do I measure when I am ready to order draperies?
A.  If you already have an existing window treatment, measure the size of the rod (from left to right) and measure the drapery from top to bottom.  Specify that you are supplying a rod width and a finished length.  If there is no window treatment, call for details or contact a professional installer.  If you are measuring the job yourself, be sure to measure EVERY ROOM.  Especially in older properties, the building does settle over time and the window treatments may vary in size.

Q.  Are all draperies flame retardant?
A.  All draperies must be flame retardant.


How to Measure for Draperies

I. Vocabulary

A. Pair - Draperies that split in the middle

B. Panels - Draperies that draw from one side to another

C. Rod Width - Size of the rod

D. Finished Size - Size of the drapery after computations

II. Single Rod System (Draperies or Sheers)

A. Width = Measure Existing Rod, then add +12" Pair, +6" Pair

B. Length = Top of Rod to desired length*
*If Accordiafold or Ripplefold it is from the bottom of the rod as the drapery hangs below the rod from snaps.

C. If No Existing Rod
1. Measure Window Opening
2. Add 6" all around to avoid light leakage
3. This becomes rod width
4. Minimum 1/3 Stack Back to clear window

III. Double Rod System

A. Overdrapery - For Double Rod System Only
1. Width = Measure Existing Rod, then add +18" Pair (Specify 6" returns, no pleats), + 12" Panel (Specify 6" returns, no pleats)
2. Length = Top of Rod to desired length

B. Sheer - For Double Rod System Only
1. Width = Measure Existing Rod, then add +6" Pair, + 3" Panel
2. Length = Top of Rod to desired length, minus 1/2"